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We are a software Consulting Firm Experienced in building agricultural mobile and web applications.

According to ITPRO Forty four percent (44%) of workers waste 10 minutes in every hour because of issues with technology. This can significantly affect the productivity of your business since nearly 3 hours per week is lost per worker. Custom Web based application can automate back office functions like record keeping while mobile application can keep field staff connected and provide realtime data back to the office. At Curtly Custom Web Components (CCWC) we specialize in:

Record Keeping
KPI Monitoring
Data Analysis
Data Visualization
Report Automation
Monitoring & Evaluation
Agribusiness Plan creation
Production Systems Modeling
Herd Projection
Quality Management System
Unique problems need Creative and Custom Solutions

Use the power of technology to keep your agribusiness productive.

Monitoring production parameters is essential to the profitability of your agribusiness. Furthermore, monitoring these parameters in real time will keep your profits high. We can build custom applications for:

Crop Production System

We build applications that enable you to manage the growth and production of your crop from land preparation to harvest.

Livestock Production System

We build a range of applications to monitor the operations for broiler, layer, beef, dairy, mutton and chevron production systems.

Fisheries Production System

We build applications for Marine Fisheries, Aquaculture and Inland fisheries.

Veterinary Support Services

We build applications to monitor the health of animals. This can be a veterinary hospital or a veterinary laboratory.

Extension Support Services

We build applications that provide technical advise that boosts agricultural production. Offering advisory support to farmers is essential to the successful operation of many small and large scale farmers.
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What are the goals of this business?

Our goal is to help farmers around the world increase there production and profit.

What is the best features and services we deiver?

We build data drive mobile and web applications to meet the specific needs of clients to increase profits while keeping operations as efficient as possible.

How do I make contact with you?

You can connect with us through our live chat feature or email us at info@ccwc.io

Do you build custom software for non agriculture related businesses?

Yes. Our main focus if agricultural businesses but we also provide services to non agricultural businesses.

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